Committee Descriptions

(AC) Activities Committee

The MPOA Activities Committee’s mission is to work with the River Club staff to prepare the annual Calendar of Events for functions held at the River Club. Members develop new ideas for functions each year, and may reach out to community members to help organize the functions. The Activities Committee attempts to provide special events catering to multiple age and interests groups; new ideas for functions are welcomed from residents.

Board Liaison
Jodi Carroll | | (941) 685-0119

Bobbie Griswold | | (941) 748-6900
Vicki Joshpe | | (941) 896-7611

Committee Members

Amber Browne | | (301) 613-4064
Dik Hall | | (941) 747-9010
Alma Paturno | | (941) 747-7951
Jill Pokorn | | (941) 746-8663
Janice Ritchie | | (941) 749-6260
Michaela Valletta | | (973) 229-6973
Lisa Turnage | | 571-276-6809
Sarah Wiley | | (941) 748-7907
Deborah Young | | (941) 345-4054

Committee Charter

The Activities Committee meets at 10am on the second Thursday of the month at the River Club unless otherwise noted on the calendar

(CPC) Capital Projects Committee

Fill the need to identify and prioritize capital improvements and additions. Perform adequate studies to present fully realized proposals to the MPOA Board and Community regarding the maintenance and upgrade of facilities.

Board Liaison
Jeff Brand | | (941) 745-5807

Jeff Brand | | (941) 745-5807

Committee Members
Ken Kutska
Mike Jacobs
John Stevens

Committee Charter

(CEC) Covenant Enforcement Committee

The MPOA Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC) functions as the "appeals court" for MPOA fining hearings.  All Association members have agreed to live by Waterlefe's Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements (CRE's) and the policies and procedures, rules and regulations that enable the association to enforce those covenants.  The MPOA Board of Directors is authorized to levy fines for non-compliance, but must adhere to all Florida Statutes and our own CRE's.  The Fining Hearings are held prior to montly Board Meetings with proper homeowner notice.  The CEC must confirm or deny that fine in a seperate hearing.  All homeowners have the statutory right to a CEC hearing.  The committee is made up of 3 volunteer homeowners.

Board Liaison
John Valletta | | (973) 271-2479 

Gail Padgett | | (941) 708-3964

Committee Members
Daniel Jeff | | (941) 896-7691
Tom Werner | | (941) 538-3352

Violations Process

Hearings are set no less than 14 days after the MPOA Board of Directors has held a Fining Hearing 


(CT) Covenant Team

The Waterlefe Covenant Team is responsible for the review and editing of the official Waterlefe Declaration of Covenants. After 20 years in effect, Association leadership recognized the importance of making changes to reflect the community as it stands today and to remove language that was initially put in place by the developers.

Board Liaison
Dyana  Eborn-Young | | (941) 746-5451


Bruce Ambrose | | (407) 739-1830

Committee Members
Bob Jackson | | (941) 741-8631
Deb Steines | | (941) 730-4833
John Valletta | | (973) 271-2479

(DRB) Design Review Board

The MPOA Design Review Board (DRB) Committee serves as the connection between the homeowner and the MPOA for all exterior changes made to a private dwelling within Waterlefe. Its purpose is to make certain that the architectural standards established in the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and Easements of the Waterlefe Golf and River Club Community are adhered to by all residents. Approval is required from the DRB to complete any exterior modifications to the home. Because Waterlefe is a deed-restricted community, a strong DRB ensures the community maintains its visual value by working with Association Management in the review, enforcement, and violation processes. An Application for Residential Change has been created to assist with the approval process and must be submitted prior to any work being started. The Application for Residential Change is available on the Waterlefe website and in the Association management office. The DRB works with our neighbors/residents to help them achieve their exterior design goals while staying in compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements as well as the Guidelines for Residential Change.

Board Liaison
Bob Griswold | | 513.563.4184

Michaela Valletta | | 973.229.6973

Committee Members
Barbie Brand | | 941.745.5807
Don Hughes | | 941.746.6336
Bob Jackson | | 941.741.8631
Becky Kutska | | 941.251.4159

CDD Liaison
Ruth Harenchar | | 941.900.2049


DRB Charter     Architectural Requirements and Standards for Residential Change
Application for Residential Change     Hurricane Protection Devices Policy

The DRB meets at 2pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the River Club, unless otherwise noted on the calendar


2021 Meeting Agendas

January 19   February 16   March 16   April 20   May 18 
June 1   August 21   September 21   October 19   November 16

2021 Meeting Minutes

January 19     February 16     March 16     April 20      May 18 
September 21   October 19   November 16

(FC) Finance Committee

The role of the MPOA Finance Committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for our not for profit corporation (aka Waterlefe MPOA) and to recommend appropriate actions to the MPOA Board. This includes long-range planning and daily adherence to established internal controls and accountability policies. It is the Finance Committee who reviews the required accounting reports that together communicate the MPOA’s financial and cash position, adherence to the budget, allocation of resources, ensuring legal compliance and protection from risk. The Committee works with the MPOA Board and other committee chairs to understand the implications of the reports. While the entire Board has a fiduciary responsibility to the community, the Finance Committee is the steward that manages that responsibility.
Annually, the Finance Committee counsels the development of the operating budget with staff and Board members. Monthly, the Committee projects future months of expenses and cash income to guarantee a continuation of adequate working capital for operating expenses and the adequate contribution to reserve funds for the maintenance or replacement of assets. The Committee reviews the management recommendations from the auditor and ensures follow up on any noted issues.


Board Liaison
John Valletta | | (973) 271-2479

Doug Wetzel | | (703) 919-7906

Committee Members
Ray Ditmar | | (330) 289-7106
Bill Quigley | | 941-251-4355
Rob Young | | (941) 345-4054
Doug Wetzel | | (703) 919-7906


The Finance Committee meets at 10 AM on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted.

(RCC) River Club Committee

Along with management, this committee will study usage trends and remain responsive in order to successfully address community expectations and maximize resources. Scope of recommendations to the Board will include dining, fitness, recreation and social membership programs.

Board Liaison
Jeff Brand | | (941) 745-5807

Jeff Brand | | (941) 745-5807

Committee Members
Bruce Ambrose
Tom Kalousek
Jim Manning
Janice Ritchie
Dee Quigley

Michaela Valletta

Beginning May 2022, the River Club Committee meets quarterly at 11am on the second Thursday of the month at the River Club unless otherwise noted on the calendar

(SPC) Strategic Planning Committee

This committee combines representatives from all areas of Waterlefe (CDD, MPOA and Residents) working together towards improving the Homeowner Experience within Waterlefe.


Make Waterlefe the premier golf and boating community in Florida’s Central Gulf Coast. Promote our outstanding lifestyle as an ideal community for any family, and seek ways to grow homeowner satisfaction. 


Board Liaison
Jodi Carroll | | (941) 685-0119


Jodi Carroll | | (941) 685-0119

Commitee Members
Eileen Azzopardi
Audrey Bilotti
Ted Cole
Dave Rogers
Steve Slocum
John Stevens

2021 Meeting Resources
May 19   June 16   July 21   August 18  October 13  December 15 

The next Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meeting will be at 10am on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at the River Club unless otherwise noted on the calendar.