Boating, Fishing, & Water Recreation Groups
Because life on the water is grand...


One of the most unique aspects of Waterlefe is the convenient access to boating and water recreation (for some, right from your backyard). If you're looking for friends to enjoy these activities with, they are easy to find! Check out the list below and contact a group leader today, or learn even more from the BOAT HERE tab/page on this website.
Group Leader: Jim Manning
Boating & Fishing Community Group
A social group for Waterlefe residents to promote water recreation, share valued safety information, and grow friendships among boaters, anglers, kayakers, and paddlers. Throughout the year they do group outings (to places like Egmont Key), host or coordinate boater safety courses, and even hold an annual Fishing Derby and Awards Dinner. Contact the group leader to join the fun or learn more anytime, follow along on the Lefe Life monthly newsletter, and visit the BOAT HERE tab on this website. Happy boating!
Group Leader: Denny Meskill
The Pointe Paddlers
This group is for anyone who loves kayaking, paddling, and canoeing. Join Denny and friends for group meet-ups and adventures on the river. Watch for flyers on the Waterways bulletin board at The Pointe and in the Lefe Life monthly newsletter for the next outing. Contact Denny to join the group and get on his private contact list to stay in-the-know! To learn more about the kayak storage racks and access points on The Pointe, contact
President: Dave Rogers
Marina Club
The Waterlefe Marina Club is a privately-owned equity membership club that offers our member boating enthusiasts a convenient marina facility. Contact the Club President or visit the BOAT HERE tab on this website to learn more...