Gaming & Card Groups
 "Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well." -Jack London


At Waterlefe, there is no shortage of opportunities to play a good card game with friends and neighbors. Explore your options below and reach out to a group leader to learn more or join / arrange a future game meet-up!

Group Leader: Bob Urquhart
Cribbage anyone? Seasoned player looking for others who enjoy the game. “Unstructured” play for two, three, or four. No supplies or experience needed—I have everything and can teach anyone interested in learning the game. Available any day/time.
Group Leader: Sue McCarty
Ladies Mah-Jongg
Group Leader: Audrey Bilotti
Ladies Hand & Foot
Group Leader: Audrey Bilotti
Ladies Shanghai Rummy
Group Leader: Judy Werner
Mixed Bridge
Group Leader: Sue Bryant
Mixed Euchre